Build Effective Campaigns in Seconds

Build and send stunning campaigns that will keep your subscribers engaged. TopicaPlusSM is a powerful email marketing solution that will help you send a campaign in a matter of minutes. With simple but powerful tools, high deliverability rates, and a team ready to help you optimize your campaign, TopicaPlusSM will help you drive highly engaged traffic to your website.

Right Message, Right Time!

With TopicaPlus you can send drip email campaigns, allowing you to connect to your customer at the perfect time. Whether it's a simple purchase confirmation message, a countdown to a big event, or an email series for your online course - TopicaPlus has got you!

Measure Your Results


All email marketing tracking starts with knowing who is opening your emails. 


Learn exactly what your subscribers are interested in by learning what they are clicking the most.


Our bounce tracking allows you to dig in deeper to learn which email addresses are just not working for you.


Use all this data to send smarter, more effective campaigns, and to produce the best results.

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